Not That You Care But…

I’m taking some time off from this blogging malarkey to go be me for a sec.  I don’t know how long that ‘sec’ is going to be but I should be back before the end of the year, especially when I come back from holiday and have lots of new things to share with you all.

My interest in fashion has waned and I don’t feel passionate about it anymore.  This isn’t a bad thing – I’ve found out that my love for music and everything to do with it has been catapulted about a million notches over the last few weeks.  I’m glad I’ve been able to recognise it and listen to the alarm bells ringing in my head before I moved into another industry.  It’s very rare that I can catch myself thinking that way.

I like fashion, but I will continue loving it from a distance.  I may keep this blog as a running commentary on life and fashion, posting photography more than the written word as I’ll be focussing on finishing my novel and that takes it out of me like you wouldn’t believe.  By the end of the night, I’m screaming ‘NO MORE TYPING’ at inanimate objects.

This blog turned one-year-old in September and I think it’s fitting time to reflect on a rollercoaster year.  Yep, I’m an aspiring novelist and I just used the ‘rollercoaster’ cliché.  How dare you, no I’m not deleting it.  It will sit there in your mind, slowly eating away at you ability to not correct me.  Mwahaha!

So thanks for reading, thanks for sticking around and hopefully I won’t be too long.

The Fashion Week Infographic

Katy at 1000 Heads just sent me this brilliant infographic from all the info gathered from London and New York fashion weeks.  I really like this sort of thing, it’s always interesting to see round-ups of what people have been loving the most, what they’ve been tweeting about and the like – especially if you’re trying to gear your focus to a certain demographic.  I thought I’d share it will you all seeing as they were kind enough to send it to me.


H&M, Gold Accessories & My Patience

As a rather wonderful birthday present, my mum bought me this watch from Goldsmiths, and me being me, asked for an accessory in a colour that doesn’t go with any of my other rings or necklaces.

So off I trundled to H&M to get some nice rings to go with (Shown above and below).

Fortunately, I found a pack of 5 rings for £3.99.  Unfortunately, the customer service was some of the crappiest I’ve ever experienced in such a short space of time.  I spent all of twenty seconds maximum at the check-out and when I finally got called up, it was with a ‘Yeah?’  Err, how about I give you some eye rolling to go with that?  Yep, I see you’ve clocked that.  ’£9.99, please.’  I put my card in the reader.  He bags it and hands it to me without a word or a general facial expression, so in turn, I raise my eyebrow, turn on my heel and bugger off.  Really, H&M?  In your Brompton Road store placed right next to Harvey Nichols?  Train your staff better, because in the three years I’ve been going to shop there on my lunch break, EACH experience was worse than the last.

Anyway, nice rings though, right?

London Fashion Week Round Up

Courtesy of Grazia Daily, here’s their LFW round-up including a little interview with Erin O’Connor – a face I haven’t seen for ages! Fantasbulousness.

Check out more of London Fashion Week on Grazia Daily.

A Rare Beauty-Themed Story…

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have problem skin.  Perhaps when I was 10 years old?  To be frank, puberty hit me early so I’m not lying when I say I do not remember not having spots somewhere on my poor little face.  I’ve tried everything, you name it, I’ve done it apart from laser therapy because my GP didn’t think my ‘little problem’ was quite bad enough yet for that sort of treatment.  Even though I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.  I’ve tried wholly organic, stupidly expensive toners, moisturisers and routines.  I’ve tried steroids.  I’ve tried The Pill.  I’ve tried nothing at all.  I’ve tried THE SUN.  And when I started coming towards the end of my 24th year on this planet, something snapped and I could not envisage another 25 years of this crap, wasting my hard-earned cash on slime that doesn’t even work, wasting time on yet another dermatologist.  So it was lucky in the nicest sense of the word that I came across this article on Jezebel entitled ‘Something To Actually Get Those Pimples Off Your Face‘ in their recently launched ‘Worth It’ site tag.  Here the writers personally detail products that have worked solely for them, and not products that have been sent to them to promote.

After reading about the benefits of the iS Clinical Active Serum, and digesting the fact that the person writing about it had actually benefitted considerably from its powers having been through the same as me, I decided to just go for it.  It was something like £40 all-in from a registered eBayer (with great feedback no less) and although that was more than I spend on toiletries in a month, I weighed that up with those previous 25 years of annoying, nickety little spots and decided that if I could spend £80 on clothing in H&M, I could do this for myself too. You could say it was an epiphany of epic proportions.

It took a while to arrive from the US but as soon as it got here, I immediately washed everything off my face and got down to sparingly putting it on, going to sleep and then waking up the next morning to find…



My skin didn’t resemble a port addict’s in the morning anymore.  So that was pretty much the thing that convinced me to continue on with using it and guess what?  My red scarring has diminished considerably, the overall tone and look of my skin is greatly improved, my greasiness which steadily increased during the day has lifted.  I still have a little way to go before I will be comfortable with minimal concealer but even with only a week and a half of using it, I have gone down to only using Touche Eclat and powder on my skin and that’s it.  I wash morning and night, cleanse, sometimes put my Ren exfoliator (£20) on, rinse and then apply the serum.

If you’ve ever had acne that just won’t budge, you’ll know what that means to me.  I should have done a ‘before and after’ piece but in all honesty, I did not expect it to work so quickly.

So yeah, I didn’t get a free sample or get paid to write this.  I just wanted to let you know that there is hope out there.  And if you balked at the price, then do yourself a favour and save up for it because in this case, you really ARE worth it, gorgeous.  Google it now.


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